Call for Nominations - May 2023
Elections Self Nomination and Elections Form
Notice of Cancellation of Election and Certified Statement of Results

Helpful Links

2nd Amendment to District Service Plan
Arista Metropolitan District Site Plan
Site plan showing aerial view of the Arista Metro District (not a boundry map)
Colorado DOLA Special Districts Map
Searchable online map showing district boundaries
1st Amendment to District Service Plan
Service Plan

Meeting Minutes

11/05/2023 Minutes
06/15/2023 Minutes
03/16/2023 Minutes
11-01-2023 Minutes
11/01/2023 Minutes
11/05/2023 Minutes


2024 Transparency Notice
Metropolitan District Homeowners’ Rights Task Force

Park Permits

Application for Revocable Park Use Permit


Arista Public Records Policy
Public Records Request Policy of the Arista Metropolitan District
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